Hot & Cold Applied Built-Up Roofs

Built-up roof systems are composed of six basic components that can be assembled in a number of combinations:

Insulation – Provides "R" value and stable substrate for roof system.

Base Plies – A ply that covers the entire substrate.

Ply sheets – Multiple layers of plies that make up the BUR.

Adhesive – Waterproofing that bonds the plies together.

Surfacing – Top layer that protects the BUR.

Flashings - Provide waterproofing around roof perimeter, equipment and projections.

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Modified Bitumen Roofs

Modified Bitumen roof systems are composed of five basic components that can be assembled in a number of combinations:

Insulation – Provides “R” value and stable substrate for roof system.

Modified Base Sheets/Plies – Either a modified or unmodified base or ply sheet used under a modified bitumen top ply.

Modified Bitumen Membranes – A factory fabricated sheet consisting of of a co-polymer modified bitumen typically reinforced with polyester, fiberglass or a composite carrier.

Adhesive – Actual waterproofing material and bonding agent that is either hot or cold applied.

Surfacing – Provide UV protection and a weathering surface that can be either factory or field applied.

Flashings – Provides waterproofing around roof perimeter, equipment and projections.

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Single Ply Modified Roofs

TremFAST 120 HD Premium – Single ply roof system that is partially adhered with either hot asphalt or cold adhesives. This elastomeric white polymer-based PIB(polyisobutylene) roof membrane is 120 mils thick.

TPA (Tri-polymer Alloy) – Single ply roof membrane that is an elastomeric tri-polymer alloy based on Dupont’s ELVALOY® and blended with CPE and PVC. It can be mechanically fastened or ballasted and is available in a variety of thicknesses from 40 mils to 80 mils.

Single ply roof systems are composed of three to four basic components:

Insulation – Provide “R” value and stable substrate for roof system.

Single Ply Membrane – Single ply that makes up the roof system.

Flashings – Provide waterproofing around roof perimeter, equipment and projections.

Adhesive (optional) – Waterproofing that bonds the ply to the substrate.

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Asphalt SBS

Firestone SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems combine exceptional elongation and fatigue resistance properties with the strength of a glass-reinforced polyester mat. Available in white, black and other granule surface colors, Firestone SBS membranes may be installed by heat welding, hot asphalt, cold-applied adhesive or mechanical attachment.

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Asphalt BUR

Firestone offers Ply IV (4) M and Ply VI (6) M asphalt impregnated, glass fiber mat reinforced roofing felts that can installed in multiple layers with a flood coat and aggregate or used in combination with Modified Bitumen.

The Ply IV (4) M and Ply VI (6) M felts provide superior durability and ease of application to construct Firestone Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Systems.

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Metal Wall Systems

TremLock CP II metal wall panels are factory roll formed 26 gauge or 24 gauge steel, coated both sides with a layer of Galvalume®, aluminum-zinc alloy (approximately 55% aluminum, 45% zinc) applied by the continuous hot dip method. Triple spot minimum 0.55 ounce per square foot as determined by the triple spot test per ASTM specification A792.

Or 26 gauge or 24 gauge galvanized, per ASTM specification A653, and painted with exterior colors of a full strength, 70% Kynar® 500 & Hylar® 5000 fluoropolymer coating.

TremLock CP II metal wall panels are used as an exterior wall cover. Panels are three feet in width and up to 40 feet in length so wall installation occurs quickly even on large projects. Each panel and supporting structural member is available factory prepunched to ensure proper fit and alignment during the installation process. A variety of fastener options is available to meet the needs of appearance and security.

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Roof Retrofits

Coming soon!

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Platinum EPDM

Firestone RubberGard Platinum Roofing Systems deliver a 30-year warranty covering incidental punctures, high winds and hail up to two inches in diameter. RubberGard Platinum EPDM combines the strength of 90-mil RubberGard EPDM with Firestone HailGard composite insulation for outstanding thermal performance and puncture resistance.

Seamed with Firestone QuickSeam Tape, RubberGard Platinum EPDM offers watertight seams with increased strength.

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Eco White

A premium product in the reflective EPDM product line, 90-mil EcoWhite Platinum EPDM reflects sunlight which keeps the membrane cool. Bringing together the eco-friendly attributes of a white membrane with the proven performance of traditional EPDM, this new roofing solution meets LEED certification requirements, exceeds ASTM D-4637 standards and is UL and FM approved.

EcoWhite Platinum EPDM is manufactured as 10-foot wide, no-fold, seamless panels which are easy to handle and quick to install. More flexible than thermoplastic single-ply membranes, it allows for year-round application. It is the only white EPDM on the market that offers the benefits of the Firestone Red Shield 30-year Platinum Warranty, which includes coverage of incidental punctures, punctures up to 2 inches from hail and damage from winds of up to 100 mph.

A 90-mil thick, bi-laminate membrane in Firestone's popular EcoWhite product line, EcoWhite Platinum EPDM sets the industry standard for sustainable, white, reflective roofing solutions, and offers a premium choice designed to bring more value to any investment.

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With its superior energy efficiency, greater cost effectiveness and proven fire safety, Firestone polyiso insulation is the insulation trusted most by roofing professionals.

Firestone polyiso rigid foam board insulation is the ideal choice for any project and is used in approximately 60 percent of all new commercial construction applications.

All Firestone polyiso insulations use EPA approved blowing agents.

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